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Our New Broods Photo Story Part 1

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Al Grist Memorial Hatchery Volunteers
The 2011 brood stock team with our oxygen equipped tank trailer. From left to right, Dave Willey, Rick LaJambe,
Dave Belgrove, Scott
Ducharme (DFO), John Martin,
Maurice Coulter-Boisvert (Community Advisor,DFO),
and Tony Matahlija.
Marek Syrzycki is behind the camera.


Environment and River
PCDHFC is represented on the Core Committee of the Coquitlam River Watershed Roundtable, which encourages all sections of the community to work together in the best interests of a healthy watershed environment, and on the B C Hydro Coquitlam Monitoring and Kwikwetlem Salmon Restoration Committees, where watershed management, conservation and preservation
matters are reviewed. While river water quality remains a concern, at least one gravel operator is succeeding in reducing the amount of silt that flows from their operation to the river.

It appears that 2010 and 2011 Coquitlam River runs of chinook, coho, chum and pink salmon have benefitted from the increased water flows being released, from the reservoir, by B C Hydro and Metro Vancouver during fall, winter and spring seasons in accordance with their new water management plans.
Estimated run sizes this year are 4,000 chinook, 3,000 coho, 20,000 chum and 8,000 pink salmon. Our Al Grist Memorial Hatchery has been instrumental in the recovery of all of these runs. It seems that steelhead numbers will continue to
remain low without hatchery support.

Hatchery releases in 2011 were approx. 23,000 chinook smolts and 60,000 coho (incl. fry and smolts). It is anticipated that salmon eggs and fish stocks now in process at the hatchery should produce similar numbers for our releases in 2012.

Hatchery building efforts will continue next summer with completion of a permanent shelter structure over the four exterior fish tanks. This $55,000. project is to be funded 50 percent by a grant from Pacific Salmon Foundation with the balance being provided by PCDHFC.

The hatchery is operated 365 days per year by PCDHFC volunteers. Our volunteers are supported by DFO personnel and volunteers from the community. We appreciate The great amount of work performed by these dedicated people is appreciated and we thank them for their efforts.

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