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Public Range (Range 7)
icon 200 Metre Rifle Range
The 200 Metre Rifle Range has a large covered shelter with 22 shooting positions for handgun, rifle, and shotgun shooters.

Target stands are provided at 7, 15, 25, 50, 100, and 200 metres.

Range 7 is approved for Handgun, Rifle, and Shotgun (Slugs Only).

Handgun - any caliber up to and including .500 S&W
Rifle - Any caliber up to and including .338 Lapua (Not approved .50 BMG)
Shotgun - Slugs Only on Range #7

Ammunition - no tracer or armour-piercing.
Surplus FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) and Steel Core ammunition is approved.

Please note:
Eye Protection, Hearing Protection and Staplers are not provided By PCDHFC. Please bring your own.

In recent years the growing pressure on range 7 has become a source of concern to members and staff. Increased waits for shooting positions and crowded conditions on Saturdays and Sundays have not only caused frustration for our members who may only be able to visit our club during weekends but an analysis of incident reports has highlighted a stark difference between the knowledge and attention to safety of our members and that of the general public.

After long deliberation, the Executive Committee of PCDHFC reached a decision, to be revisited at a later date, to reserve Range 7 for MEMBERS AND THEIR GUESTS ONLY on WEEKENDS and STATUTORY HOLIDAYS.
Effective August 1st, 2017.

The public can continue to drop in on weekdays (excepting holidays). Events, matches or committee shoots are unaffected.

icon Day Cards

Day cards are available to the public from 12 noon Monday through Friday. The range is closed on Tuesday.
The cost of day cards are:

1 day card is $35.00
3 day card is $85.00
Guests accompanied by members: $25.00
Law enforcement using issued firearm: $20
*1 day card for youths under 19 is $7.00

*Youths (defined under B.C. law as under the age of 19) must be accompanied by a legal guardian and a waiver must be signed. A licensed adult must provide supervision.

A variety of targets are also available for sale. PCDHFC is not licensed to sell ammunition or ammunition components.

You can also buy an annual membership.

icon Professional Staff
Our range is run by full time trained professionals who are in attendance on the public range during the club's open hours. They are available to sell day passes, to answer questions about PCDHFC, and to ensure that all our members and guests have a safe and enjoyable experience on the range.

icon Other Amenities
Range 7 has a warm-up room and restroom facilities. Range 7 also has overhead heaters.


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